The Oberndorfer ChronicleAt the end of the 19th century

an inn was established by the Hagar family in a small boatbuilderīs house situated at Attersee 23.

In 1905, Josef and Marie Oberndorfer, already working at the Hotel Attersee on the Landungsplatz since 1897, bought the inn. They commissioned the architect Frielingsdorf, Schoerfling to draw plans for a modern hotel. During the construction, Mr. Josef Oberndorfer, who at that time was also the mayor of Attersee village, died. So the construction which began in 1910 remained unfinished with only the main building being completed.

The 2nd generation, Josef and Victoria Oberndorfer,
tried to manage the hotel as well as possible through the time between WWI and WWII. They modernized the equipment and in 1931, the big ballroom was built.

The 3rd generation, Josef and Gertrude Oberndorfer,

took over the hotel from their parents in 1968 and dared to realize their grandfatherīs construction concept in 1970; on the east side, a 3 story addition with a dining room and 14 guest rooms, all with modern comfort.
In 1977, the old part of the house was torn downand rebuilt with 4 floors. During the winter of 1984/85, the very last part of the old house was enlarged and renovated under the direction of architect Franz Maul of Attersee, who also planned the renovation of the entrance in 1993/94.

In spring, 2003, the one-man business Oberndorfer was converted into a private limited company with partners Josef Oberndorfer and his daughters Maria and Christine.

Also the 4th generation will carry on with their fatherīs, grandfatherīs and great-grandfatherīs tradition in hospitality.

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